Sensors, Beers and Nerves

A talk on a small project to build a temperature monitoring system using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Nerves

Elixir Australia

Feb 2021

Women Rising: Leading from where you are

Panel discussion on why women in tech matters? What women-focused communities provide and how they can support women?

June 2020

Event Sourcing with Commanded

Elixir Australia

May 2020

Sonic Pi Workshop

Coach, Women Who Code

January 2020

Getting Embedded with Nerves

Elixir Camp

October 2019

Is Inclusion Enough?

Panel discussion at Canva

July 2019

Docker Workshop

Coach, Women Who Code

April 2019

Mocking with Mox

Elixir Sydney

February 2019

Intro to Elixir

DDD Sydney

August 2018